what's this?

i've got a few ideas what i want to work on:

  • time tracker — keep track of time i spend on different projects. should be able to stop / start the timer when i do something else, tag entries to see who'll have to pay for what, state what has been paid already, and perhaps different rates for different clients;
  • figure out what to use for text input. whatever i'll do with this django app, it will need data input, including text. use HTML or another type of markup, plain or via some text editor? i've tried different things, all with their own advantages and disadvantages. as long as i'm the only user i'll keep typing straight HTML, but once i want others to say something, anything, i'll have to offer a way that's more convenient and secure;
  • read news feeds — either using ttRSS' python API, or scraping feeds from scratch;