current & future projects

i have been fiddling with this website for ages, in this and other incarnations. this server, a droplet at, is used to develop sites and webapps for others.

i rarely feel the need for a website myself, but at times i can use a space to publish something; this is that space.

for now i got a blog ready, and i'll be working on some type of group app, allowing logged-in users to discuss things in a private environment. isn't much of a priority though and i'll be working on that whenever i have the time.

another thing i'm thinking about is a local directory for our mayapur community, but again, not a priority at present. we have our more-or-less functional yellow pages after all. the problem i see with those is that they are updated very infrequently, leading to phone no.s and other info being out-of-date, and a clumsy process for community members to offer input.

services provided

if you have questions about any of this, want to publish your own blog posts here, or use my Tiny Tiny RSS server — an open source web-based news feed (RSS/Atom) reader and aggregator — write to me at

the same if you need a website or webapp, preferably based on python / django, but i'm working with PHP / drupal / wordpress too. management of online servers (setup & administration) is also somthing i'm good at.

i work on an hourly basis, the rate depends on where you or your business are situated and the nature of what you are doing. if you need any of the services i can provide let's talk (email), and we can come to an arrangement that suits both of us.