Hare Krsna,

I decided to shut down the present Mayapur Discussions website by the end of this month. The main reason is lack of interest from our community: Nobody wants to discuss anything on that site because Mayapur Forum has more than four times the number of members, and when you take the trouble to say something, you want it to be heard.

At one time we had a somewhat clear distinction between discussion- and forum topics, but that's not the case anymore. Ananda Tirtha prabhu tries to be as accommodating as possible, and at the present time, until Mayapur Forum gains many more users, this is probably the best solution for all concerned.

Almost all advertisements for property sales are being rejected, but there is a new website for this, Tukarama prabhu's mayapurestate.com. This looks good and seems to work well and should be used for property sales, and probably even rentals, which take up a lot of space on 'forum.' (Yes, Pavitra mataji's rental forum is there, too, but I prefer a solution that doesn't require one to join Facebook, which I happily got rid of some time ago.)

There are still some other posts that don't get cleared on 'forum,' for a variety of reasons. Ananda Tirtha does not want to just dump them, so I'm offering to include them in another instance of Discourse that I'll keep running for my own needs.

Running two separate Discourse sites does not fit into my hosting plan anymore, and frankly takes more time and effort than I am willing to spend on something that hardly anybody uses.

This is the address of my Discourse site: https://talk.phanisvara.com

I use it mainly to enable comments on other websites. Creating an account does not require approval, but you'll have to confirm your email address (as always, check your spam folder for the automatically sent email).

The category Mayapur Discussions that I created for this purpose is not visible to registered or unregistered users, only to those who belong to a group of the same name. If you join with a @pamho.net email address you'll be added to that group automatically; others will have to ask me via a message on site, or by writing to me – if I don't recognize their name or email address myself (don't count on that).

This will work as discussions did earlier, but on 1 October 2018 00:00 IST all sites and resources under the domain mayapur-community.com will stop to exist.