berlin kreuzberg, in the 70s

on 5 june this year, my 59th birthday, these photos were published by the german news magazin spiegel online, under the category einestages (once upon a time).

this page is titled, Kreuzberg in den Siebzigern / Der Hinterhof West-Berlins, (kreuzberg in the 70s, the bronx of berlin). i used to live in the very neighborhood this photographer, steffen osterkamp, documented. looking at these pictures brings back memories from that time, right before leaving for india.

doesn't look much different from any 2nd-world city, like kolkata. kreuzberg used to be one of berlin's slum areas. inhabited by turkish migrants, low-earning german families, and last not least, the sub-culture: anarchists, communists, refugees from the draft, and whatever counter-cultural fads were in at the time.

like everywhere, kids play with anything that's available and doesn't cause them to be chased away immediately.

those 'pockmarks' in the house on the right are still bullet holes from worldwar II, btw.

the infamous berlin wall, still standing at the time, cutting the city into halves, making west berlin an island within east germany, a.k.a. the GDR (german democratic republic).

those who don't resist aren't living right — writing on the wall.

KPD (communist party of germany): 1st of may, against over-high rents and land speculation.
not that that would impress those kids very much, of course.