Here is an ayurvedic doctor who is somewhat apart from the more common treatment facilities in South India:

I’m generally a bit skeptical when it comes to healers claiming to cure cancer, but this one seems more legit than others. My daughter-in-law is undergoing treatment with him (not for cancer, fortunately) and she personally knows devotees who have been successfully treated and cured from cancer by Master Nahar Singh.

According to his website, and information from Arcita, my daughter-in-law, there are only a few diseases he can not cure. His cure is rather particular; it involves drinking 10+ liters of water every day, and several medicines, periods of fasting and very selective food during treatment.

Arcita had a hard and difficult time while impurities and other stuff were removed from her body. She said that it is not advisable to undergo the treatment alone, without somebody else to take care of daily needs.

I would like to encourage you to read the website above. It’s pretty much to read, but interesting; specially if you or one of your’s is in need of treatment.