No more Facebook for me. After years (don't know how many) of using Facebook I finally got enough: sponsored posts all over the place, advertisements, recommendations what to read & whom to follow, plus politics sneaking in everywhere — it's become more frustration than it's worth now.

I deleted my account permanently, FB promising to get rid of everything within 14 days. And there was no temptation to log in again, which would have stopped the process.

What was it Worth to begin With?

My family is spread over seven countries on three continents, making it difficult to stay connected.

Things are different now from when I was in my twenties. Living in Bangladesh I had to travel 10 km to the next town, stand in line at the post office to book an international call, which with a little luck would go through, eventually. Now you just pick up the phone and make an ISD call, or better even, use Skype, which costs nothing and offers a (somewhat blurry) video connection.

Still, as I remember well from when i was my kids' age, keeping one's parents in the loop isn't at the forefront of one's mind at that age – specially not when one just started one's own family and is more than busy with that, plus job, studies, and whatever else life throws one's way.

In my case that changed once I had kids of my own; that brought the worries and concern for one's offspring from theoretical understanding into the realm of realized truth.

Facebook helped by allowing me to more or less unobtrusively stalk my kids: If they weren't posting themselves others were mentioning them, and I could somehow keep track of what was going on in their lives.

But Things Changed

Now my kids are so busy they rarely post on Facebook, and either their friends are, too, or they don't take part in activities that are likely to leave an echo on social media. But more importantly, the atmosphere on Facebook changed — much for the worse, in my opinion.

Apart from family there are some others among my Facebook friends whom i really like and am interested in what they have to say. But lately those posts were getting drowned in a flood of sponsored links and articles, Facebook's suggestions, and otherwise sane people turning into nationalist fanatics for one or the other country.

Even those I agree with to some extent seem to have nothing better to do than repeat old news or post memes that may be a little funny when seen for the first time, but not over and over again. And if I want to see pictures of some temple's deities or listen to kirtan I know where to find those — without the surrounding BS i had to deal with on Facebook.

So that's it, no more Facebook, and it really isn't a big thing for me, as others seem to find: life without facebook (google search). But then I never was a social person; neither in the real world nor in cyber space.