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not that i really need a blog at this time, but who knows, i might get talkative or creative.

i'm using this VPS mainly to develop websites for others and thought, "let me put something at the main domain" — this is something.

something else:

i came across this collection of old photos from berlin kreuzberg in the 70s, taken in the neighborhood where i used to live at that time, just before moving to india: once upon a time. (for most of you this won't make much sense, but what does these days?)

in other news:

i'm switching from Drupal to Django as my go-to framework for CMS and other web applications.

being new to django as well as python, this has been a bit of a learning curve. and specially in re. to CMS, a lot of the stuff drupal provides out-of-the-box has to be hand-stitched with django: comments, relationships, versioning, email notifications, to name a few.

but that's not a bad thing; drupal gets more and more complex so that one-man tinker shops that can't throw half a dozen developers at a task, will have a hard time building anything but very simple sites in a reasonable time frame.

better to spend the time building the needed complexity from scratch, or use 3rd party django apps. this way one doesn't carry around unnecessary ballast, and knows exactly how things work.

if you need a website or web application built, talk to me. disclaimer: i'm a lousy designer, not much of an artist, and will probably need help with picking good color combinations, fonts, and the overall looks of a site.

i'm better with the technical aspects of things: HTML, CSS, PHP, (newly) python & django, MySQL & PostgreSQL, server management (linux).

you can contact me via email (prefered):, or phanisvara on skype (location: india, mayapur).